Examples of how you can earn money with our program


Network Marketing is a real business. You have to  be willing to invest time, effort, and money into your business if you want to earn money. This section assumes that you understand how we go about finding people that want to work with our company or become customers.  If you don't know how we find people to start building your organization then click here to learn how we accomplish that.

In Network Marketing there are people that make the following amounts.
1) Nothing at all
2) Enough to break even on monthly product purchase
3) A few hundred per month
4) Four figures per month $1000 +
5) Five figures per month $10,000 +
6) Some even make $100,000+ per month.


There are two ways that you can earn money with our program. 

1) The first way is by allowing us to help you build an organization of customers and distributors.  

2) The second way is to only focus on acquiring customers.

If you don't like the idea of building an organization then we can still help you to obtain customers.

The first thing I will do is explain the benefit of building an organization that is composed of customers and distributors.

After I have explained how you earn money from an organization then I will explain how you earn money by only acquiring customers.


Here is our  pay plan structure



If you understand how to read compensation plans and would like an explanation of our features and bonus pools then Click Here.

If you require a detailed explanation on how income can be earned from an organization then continue reading.

You will notice that the chart is divided into columns that have titles.

These columns represent different pay ranks.  Each rank allows you to earn a certain percentage of money from orders that are placed in various layers in your organization.

On the left side of chart you see

These levels represent different layers of people in your organization.

Example:  Lets say that you enroll someone named John.  John will be on your 1st  level.   Let's say that John enrolls someone named Mary.  Mary would be on your 2nd level.  When Mary enrolls David then David would be on your 3rd level.   Each of these people are on a different layer in your organization.  It can go on and on and on.

1st     John  (You enrolled John)
2nd    Mary  (Was enrolled by John)
3rd    David  (Was enrolled by Mary)

Now, focus your attention on the percentages in the "Leader" column

These are the percentages of money that you will earn on product orders made in different layers in your organization if you are at the "Leader"  Rank.

1st     You will earn 2%  on anything that John orders
2nd    You will earn 25% on anything that Mary orders
3rd    You will earn  5% on anything that David orders

You get paid on everything from John to David but most of your work was to enroll John.  John went off and enrolled Mary and so on and so on.

Example:  Lets say that all of them order 100 dollars worth or product per month.
You would earn the following amounts from each layer in your organization.

1st     $2.00   because you earned  2%  from the $100.00 that John ordered
2nd    $25.00 because you earned  25% from the $100.00 that Mary ordered
3rd    $5.00   because you earned  5% from the $100.00 that David ordered

So how can you make money from this?  You can enroll as many people as you want and they can do the same.
Below you will find some simple examples that will illustrate how this can add up to a various amounts of income from home.
After the examples I have included a link that will explain how you can earn money taking advantage of our bonus pools.
Bonus pools allow you to earn exra money in addition to the percentages for each column.

These examples are used for the sole purpose of helping you to grasp the concept behind Network Marketing and how you can earn money from helping others.  The percentages used to compute the amount of money you can earn are taken directly from our pay plan chart in the "Leader" column.  The amount of money you earn will be based on how much time and effort you put into building your business and how well you help others.

The examples below are based on the assumption that everyone is purchasing at least 100 LP of product per month. The examples will help you to grasp the concept of how money can be earned  by building an organization of people.  Each simple example will based on the percentages present in the compensation plan. In addition to the percentages discussed below,  you can also earn money from our  bonus pool features.

I will explain what LP means after the examples.

In the example below you have enrolled 2 people into your business and you have helped them to enroll 2 people.  Enrolled means the same thing as sponsored.  Enrolled means that you signed someone up as a new distributor in our company.

That means that the 2 people you personally enrolled are on your 1st level.  Your two people went ahead and enrolled 2 more people (2 x 2 = 4)  and you now you have  4 people that are on your 2nd level.

Here is a picture of what it would look like :

|                                                    |
PERSON #1                                  PERSON #2
_______|________                     ________|________
|                            |                   |                              |
Person #3            Person #4      Person #5               Person #6

Example 1: (Based on the "Leader" pay  level)

            0 (You ordering at the 100 LP Leader Level)
1st       2 people  (because you sponsored 2)
2nd      4 people  (because the 2 people you sponsored signed up 2 people )

You would have 6 people in your organization/downline/group/team (call it what you want).

On a group like this you would make the following per month with our program as long as everyone continued to order 100LP of product per month.

               0 (You at the Leader Level)
1st          You make 2% on    (2 people ordering  $107.90 of product per month) = $4.36
2nd         You make 25% on  (4 people ordering  $107.90 of product per month)= $107.90

Total amount in your pocket $112.26 per month.

With an organization this size you would earn enough money to cover the cost of your monthly LP requirement!

Example 2: (Based on the "Leader" pay  level)

Lets say that you sponsor 5 people onto your 1st level. Then you and I help those 5 people each sponsor 5 people each at the 100 LP level.  When everyone is sponsored you will have this situation.

            0 (You ordering at the 100 LP Leader Level)
1st       5 people  (because you sponsored 5)
2nd    25 people (because the 5 on level #1 sponsored 5)

You would have 30 people in your downline.

On a group like this you would make the following per month with our program as long as everyone continued to order 100LP of product per month.

1st      You make 2% on (  5 people ordering  $107.90 of product per month) = $10.79
2nd     You make 25% on ( 25 people ordering  $107.90 of product per month) = $674.38

Total amount in your pocket = $685.17 per month.

Would  just a few extra hundred dollars per month in your pocket help you out?
As the people in your group order product each month you will earn a residual income from the initial work that it took to get your group this size!

Example 3: (Based on the "Leader" pay level)

In this example lets say that after a while you sponsor 7 people at the 100 LP level and they sponsor 7.  Lets say that the 49 people on level #2  sponsor 7 people each.

             0 (You at the Leader Level)
1st        7 people (because you sponsored 7)
2nd     49 people (because the 7 people that you sponsored on 1st went ahead and sponsored 7 more)
3rd     343 people (because the 49  people on level #2 sponsored 7 more people)

You would have 399 people in your downline.

Did you have to personally sponsor all 399 people?  NO!

You sponsored the 7 people on 1st and then they went ahead and sponored the rest and so on and so on.

On a group like the one above you would make the following per month with our program

1st      You make 2% on (  7 people ordering  $107.90 of product per month)  = $15.11
2nd     You make 25% on ( 49 people ordering  $107.90 of product per month) = $1321.78
3rd      You make 5% on (343 people ordering  $107.90 of product per month)    = $1850.49

Total amount in your pocket = $3187.38 per month.

Example #4 (Based on the "Diamond" pay  level)

Lets assume that you have now you have worked your way up to the "Diamond" Pay level.  To get paid at this level you have to personally enrolled at least 6 other people that order 100LP per month and your entire group has at least 3000 GLP in your first three levels without compression.  GLP is the total amount of volume that you get when you add up all the LP's in your group. Example: if  you have 10 people in your group and each of them order 100 LP then the GLP for that group would be 10 x 100LP = 1000 GLP.

To make the math simple lets assume that everyone in your group orders at the 100 LP level and that the group in example #3 has grown.

Now you have to following situation:

             0 (You at the Diamond Level))
1st        11 people (because you sponsored 11)
2nd     110 people (because the 11 people that you sponsored on 1st went ahead and sponsored 10 more)
3rd      480 people (because 80 of the  people on level #2 sponsored 6 more people)
4th      800 people (because 200 of the people on level #3 sponsored at least 4 more people)

You would have 1,401 people in your downline.

Did you have to sponsor all 1,401 people? No!

What you are seeing here is the power of exponential math.
Why do you think there are so many McDonald's and Wal-Marts around?
The head office gets a small piece from each of the stores it helps to get started.
It makes good business sense to leverage the time and effort of others.

On a group like the one above you would make the following per month with our program

1st      You make 2% on ( 11 people ordering  $107.90 of product per month)  = $23.74
2nd     You make 25% on ( 110 people ordering $107.90 of product per month) = $2967.25
3rd     You make 5% on (480 people ordering  $107.90 of product per month)    = $2589.60
4th      You make 6% on (800 people ordering  $107.90 of product per month)    = $5179.20

Total amount in your pocket = $10,759.79 per month.

If you stopped sponsoring people do you think you would keep earning money? YES!

As the people in your group continue to order product each month then you will get paid over and over again and month after month for your initial effort!  That is called residual income!

You have to realize that all the people that make up your group are working to build THEIR groups!
Your group is actually made up of smaller groups that belong to the people you brought in.
They have the same financial incentive to build a group just like you!



Can you see the big picture of where this could lead?

Do you see how your income could continue to
increase as you work with the people in your organization?

In Network Marketing . . . everyone in your group has the same amount to gain.
Each person that joins can build their groups to as large as they want.

I Must Share The Other Side Of Reality With You
Not everyone you sponsor will sponsor someone else (for whatever reason).
Some people will just want to be a customer (which is good).
Not everyone you talk to will join.
You will meet some negative people that will try to rain on your parade.

However,  that doesn't change the fact that more than 50,000 people are
entering the industry each week.  According to a Money Maker's Monthly survey,
there are approximately 11 million individuals involved in the industry

It is worth the effort it takes to find customers and business minded people!


(Let's turn this around a bit)
 Earning Money From Customers


Lets say that you don't want to build a network marketing organization but you would like to acquire customers.  With our program you can do that to.   You can focus all your efforts on finding customers.  We can help you find people that just want to purchase our products.

So how do you earn money from customer purchases?  Look at the picture below. The percentage that you see on Level 2 is the percentage of money that you will earn on customer orders.  You will earn that percentage every time the customer purchases product.



If you are an "associate" then you will earn 15% from customer purchases. If you are a "leader" or higher then you will earn 25% on everything your customers purchase. 


The total amount that a customer purchases will vary by each person. Some may place orders for $50 and some even purchase $200 or more dollars worth of  products.  However, for this example I will assume that your customers are ordering $100 of product per month.


Example:  Let's say that you need to earn an extra $500 dollars per month and you want to do it by only focusing on customers.


On a part time basis you would spend your time working towards obtaining  20 customers.


How much would you earn?


Here is the math: 20 customers x $100.00 = $2000.00 of product purchased.  If you are a "leader" then you will make 25% on all product purchased.


25% x $2000.00 = $500.00 per month of residual income each time your customers purchase product. 


There is no limit to how many customers you can acquire.


There is no inventory for you to buy.


You don't have to worry about ending up with a garage full of products.


In addition to not having to keep products at your home your customers will place their orders directly with the company. 


This means that you don't have to collect money or deliver products.  


The company will ship the products to your customers.


Once your customers order then the company will mail a check to you.

Hopefully you have a solid understanding of how you can earn  money with our program.


Why would people want to purchase our product on a monthly basis?
Because it is making a positive impact in people's lives!

Why is it important for you to see the real life experiences that people are having with our product? 

In order for you to truly create a business from home you must have something of value to offer people.

You must have a product that really makes a difference in other people's lives. 

However just having an effective product is not enough. 

You must have a unique product that can't be bought at your local Wal-Mart, GNC or other network marketing programs. 

We have just that.  Our company has the patent rights to Transfer Factor.

What does this mean to you?  This means that you don't have to worry about your customers running off to their local store or another nutritional company to buy the product that you spent your time introducing to them.


Let's move on....


I am on Mike's team.  Mike Akins has over 150,000 or more  people in his organization.  The largest group from the examples above had 1,401 people.   I'll leave it up to you to do the math on a group that has 150,000 people!

Did Mike personally sponsor all 150,000 people? NO!  I think the the last time I heard Mike talk about this he mentioned that he had sponsored about 40 people.  The people he sponsored brought in more and so on and so on until his group had 150,000 people in it.  It took about about 5 years for Mike's organization to grow to that size.   Mike's goal is to eventually build an organization of 1 million people.

Mike Akins is willing to teach you EVERYTHING he knows about building a Network Marketing business!

Outside of Network Marketing where else could you start a home based business for less than $150.00 that would have this type of potential? You could try stuffing envelopes, processing medical claims for doctors, typing from home, sinking money into  get-rich-quick schemes, selling "How To Make Money" books, assembling furniture from home (yeah right), etc.... You might earn some money with the typing or medical claims...if you find someone that wants to use your services!  The downside is that as soon as you stopped typing or processing medical claims then your money would STOP.

I'm just giving you things to think about....

Do you see how it can be worth the time and effort  to consistently work at your business for a few years?  You never know how big of a group will grow beneath you just because of the people you bring in.   Anybody you sponsor could turn out to be a real asset to your group.

Think about it... someone sponsored Mike.


    How much does it cost to signup and get started?

To qualify to receive a check you first have to sign up as a distributor with our company.

You can come in at one of two monthly LP (Life Point) levels.
We highly recommend the Leader 4Life level to maximize the pay plan.

We have listed suggested orders for each level of entry.
If you prefer, YOU CAN ORDER OTHER PRODUCTS with equal or greater LP value


Level What to Purchase Product # Price
100 LP
(Leader 4Life)
2 Bottles of Transfer Factor Plus™ & Distributor Kit
(Be prepared to set up an automatic backup order on credit card or bank draft, which can be changed or cancelled at any time. If cancelled, you no longer qualify as a Leader 4Life.)
100 LP = $107.90
Dist. Kit = $29.95
50 LP
1 Bottle of Transfer Factor Plus™ #24015

50 LP = $53.95
Dist. Kit = $29.95






Sometimes people ask me the following question:
Why do I have to order products on a monthly basis?

You must order product  on a monthly basis to qualify to earn a check from the people in your organization.  If you DON't meet your monthly LP requirement then you won't get paid.  The money YOU would have earned for that particular month will roll upline to your sponsor!

Could you imagine how the effect it would have on your check if the majority of people in your group had hang ups about ordering products every month?  That would defeat the entire concept behind Network Marketing.

In order for you to effectively share our product with others you have to experience it for yourself or else people will see RIGHT through you!  How can you share and talk about how something that you don't use yourself?  Would you recommend a movie to someone if you hadn't seen it?  Of course not..... unless you ......are ..... a little .....special so to speak ;-).

The amount of product you order per month along with the number of people you have sponsored will dictate at what level you will be paid in our pay plan.   LP stands for Life Points.

1) 50  LP  which means ordering about $53.95 / mth
2) 100 LP  which means ordering about $107.90 /mth

If you don't come in as a Leader 4 Life then you will have to work your way up to the Leader level in the pay plan. You can work your up by sponsoring 4 distributors that order at last 100 LP of product per month and then ordering 100LP of product for yourself.  As long as you order 100LP of product and have 4 other people ordering 100LP then you will get paid at the "Leader" level.

If you would like see the different requirements to reach each pay rank then click here.

If you haven't listened to our business opportunity hotline messages then call and listen to them now  1-866-315-4001  &  1-866-315-4006.




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