Before I explain what you can expect while working your business first I will show you what NOT to expect.

Click here to see what you don't have to do if you decide to join our team.

Now that we have those things out of the way,  I can share with you what to expect while working our program.

You can expect that Network Marketing will require time, effort and work on your part. You also have to be willing to help others.  Sometimes working your business will be frustrating because of people that waste your time.  Sometimes you will encounter situations that will make you feel like quitting. You have to realize that any legitimate business will have its challenges! I don't want for you to interpret what I just wrote as being negative.  My intention with this section is to create a realistic expectation for you.  A lot of people are sold on HYPE and false expectations.  Have you ever seen a program where they say things like "No work, No people, No nothing at all. All you have to do is send in $300 and after 60 days you will become a gazillionnaire!"

I don't know about you but I have been a victim of hype and scams in the past.  I feel that it is my duty to share with you the positive along with the not so fun stuff so that you can have a complete picture.  This will allow you to have a well balanced view.

There are a lot of scams today that promise MONEY without having to put forth personal effort.   You should be very skeptical of a program that promises MONEY without you having to put forth personal effort.

It is easy to understand how people get really excited about the money earning  potential that Network Marketing provides.

However, it is important for you to understand that Network Marketing takes time, effort, and work .

Building an organization will take time, effort, and consistent effort on your part.

Have you noticed that I keep saying that?   I'm only saying it because its true...

I hope that by saying that over and over again it will weed out all the want-something-for-nothing people.

I have met some people that want to earn more money working from home but they are not willing to invest the time, effort  and money to try to build an organization that could potentially pay them for the rest of their life.  I just want to make sure that you understand that this is a legitimate business and not some scheme!

Believe it or not,  I talked to a guy that said that we wasn't interested in seeing anything that wasn't guaranteed to make him $500,000 in the next 4 months.  Can you believe this guy?  Is this guy for reallllllllll?  Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  I thought that I was going to die from attempting to hold in my laughter.  This was a guy that didn't even have enough money to own his own computer yet alone enough money to invest in something that would have that sort of immediate return.     You will run into all types of people with unrealistic expectations and demands while pursuing this business and at times it can be quite humorous.

Think about the following questions......
If you were to build an apartment complex (a residual income producing asset) how much money would you make in your first few months while you were still in the planning stage?   How about when you had all the plans together and you knew what you needed to be done?   How much money would you earn when you first broke ground and constructed the first few rooms?  What if some of the new rooms being built were damaged and you are forced to start over?   Would you not continue building what you started?  When would you collect the most money? In the end when its all built!

A Network Marketing organization is a residual income producing asset!

Network Marketing isn't as bad as a real estate project because you actually earn money along the way.

The point that I want you to understand is that "It will take time to build your organization!".

So you will have to be patient.

When you first start out you won't make a dime until you actually sponsor someone that purchases some product.

Sure,  some people can start right out and become a sponsoring machine and earn money quickly.

If you're that type of person then great!

However, for most people it will take time to build.

We will  help you with every step along the way.

If you decide to give our program a try I will work with you until you reach your desired goal.

However, this opportunity is not about what I will do for you.

It is about what Mike Akins and Professional Networkers will do for you.

Can you imagine how helpful it would be to your business to have a 32 member staff  to train and help you build your business?  With our program you don't have to worry about being left alone.

In the sentence below,  make sure that you click on the links so that you can see what you will gain if you decide to join our team.

We have a solid company, a solid product, the best support in Network Marketing, and a balanced pay plan.

Can you imagine how powerful it will be for YOU to be able to offer your new business partners the same amount of benefits and support?

Here is another tidbit for you.  Did you know that Mike Akins spent over a half a million dollars of his own money to review 300 Network Marketing programs?  It took 3 years for him to find the last program that he would work in his Network Marketing career.   He test marketed 6 of the 300 programs and only then did he choose to work this program. He chose it because it contains all of the factors that will increase the chance of success for more people..... a solid company,  an exclusive product that is patented and effective, the best support in Network Marketing and a balanced pay plan.

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To see the results of the study CLICK HERE.

Our program has all the factors in place to increase your chance of reaching your definition of success.

In the end it will come down to YOU and how much time and effort you are willing to invest into your business.

How much would you expect to earn on a regular job  if you only worked 2 hours a week?

You can't expect to build a business by only working 2 hours per week.  It just won't happen.

You won't build a business if you spend all your time "Getting Ready".

Eventually you have have to actually find people, share know the rest.

The best way is to just start and simply learn as you go along.

Remember that we are here to help you and you don't have to do it alone.

If you build your business right then it can become a source of residual income for many years to come.  Mike Akins will teach you how to build your organization correctly.   If you have read "The Science Behind the Pay Plan" then you should already have an understanding of what is required to create a stable organization.

Now I will share with you some pros and cons that you should be aware of if you decide to pursue Network Marketing:

Some of the cons..

Not everyone you share information with will sign up.
Some people will lead you on and act as if they are interested and then they  won't return your calls or e-mails.
Not everyone you sponsor will sponsor someone else.
Some people will sign up and then after a month or so drop out.

With any legitimate business there will be obstacles to overcome.  However, if you work your business using consistent effort then eventually you will find people that want to build an organization just like you or are happy just being a customer.

Anything worth pursuing takes effort!

Some of the pros...

You may make some new life long friends.
You may experience the good feeling that comes along with knowing that a person's health has been been dramatically improved because you cared enough to share information with them.
You can share in the excitement as your team mates make progress towards acquiring customers and new team mates.
That first check in the mail.. then you will see that this is for real.

Throughout my presentation I've mentioned the name Mike Akins several times.

Mike Akins is earning income from organizations he has built over the past 32+ years. 

Why is that important to you?  Because Mike Akins has 32+ years of successful Network Marketing experience and he is willing to teach you everything he knows to help you build your organization.  This will be helpful to you  IF you are willing to put in the work it takes to sponsor people and to help others.

As a Network Marketer your mission is to find people for whom it's the right thing to be doing now. No one else.

This sorting process takes time.

Don't waste your time trying to hard sell people on how good our program will be for them!

If a person can't see the value in what we have to offer then you probably don't want them on your team anyway!

We suggest that you allow yourself  2 - 4 years of consistently working your business.

Remember that it it took Mike Akins about 5 years to help build his organization to 150,000+ people.

Would it have been worth it if it took 7 - 9 years to build? ABSOLUTELY!

I'm not saying that you have to choose my program but where will you be in 4 years if you don't change what you're doing now?

Hopefully you can see how our program can help you to create an income from home.

I felt that it was important for me to be direct by sharing the positive along with a little of the not so fun stuff so that you will have a balanced view of Network Marketing.  I get tired of hearing hyped up programs and seeing people lied to.

There are too many scams out here that promise money for nothing.

I can truly understand why people feel burned and are now skeptical.

I haven't used any hype or smoke and mirrors to explain our program to you.

I have done my best to share the gory details so that you will have a complete picture.

I can't be any more honest than what I've already been and I hope that you can respect and appreciate that.

Hopefully you have done your part by taking a close and careful look at what I've presented.

If you need to go back and read something again.. then do that.

I'm looking for people that enjoy helping others, are good natured,  are honest, have a strong work ethic and are teachable. You also have to have a  STRONG DESIRE to create an income for yourself and  be WILLING to put forth the personal effort into making it happen.

If you have those qualities then I'd love to work with you.

If you don't have those qualities . . . . well . . . . . then . . . . you just don't . .  and there is nothing wrong with that.

At this point I assume that you have reviewed everything that I've shared. 

If you would like to discuss our program further then just call or e-mail me. 

I will personally make sure that all your questions are answered and that any concerns you may have are addressed.  

After we talk then you should be able to make a well informed decision about whether or not you would like to give our program a try.

I won't  waste your or my  time by attempting to hard sell you or by trying to overcome objections.


The bottom line is that we have an outstanding program that you can work from your home. 
We have 4 very  important factors in place .
1) A staff of more than 30 people that will work with you and your team.\
2 A unique and effective product
3) A balanced pay plan
                                4)  A solid company with strong leadership

If you have enough information to give our program a try then click here to join our team.

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Transfer factors are  helping to save and enhance the lives of thousands of people. 

I invite you to join us in our quest to share this amazing product with the world.

Thanks for your time......

Steve & Sanni McKelvey
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