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I give my dear friend, Steve McKelvey, the highest possible recommendation. I met Steve through our 4Life business several years ago. He has captured my admiration because he shares the same heart that I have for my distributors and leaders. He sincerely cares about each distributor as if they were his own child. When it comes to caring and working for his downline partners, he is one of the best I've ever seen. I take my responsibility to my associates very seriously. You can see this in the huge investment I make in supporting them. It touches my heart when one of my leaders duplicates not only my strategy but my heart. If there is anyone that I will drop what I am doing and be there for, it is Steve.                                     Mike Akins


If you would like to know more about these revolutionary products or would like to talk to me about distributorship details , please refer to the information provided below.
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Steve & Sanni McKelvey


The telephone number listed above is a PRIVATE (NON-BUSINESS) phone number, registered in the National Do Not Call Registry.  Permission to call is granted solely to individuals or groups seeking information about our products or opportunity, wanting to order our products, or wishing to join our team.  Any and all violations including, but not limited to solicitations and reverse-solicitations, will be reported.



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