Learn what you will actually do if you decide to work our program

Some people want to know exactly what they will have to do to earn money with our program. I have created this section to explain the actual work that you will do if you decide to join our team.  After you have completed this section then I will explain the amount of money you can earn.

This section assumes that you already have an understanding of what our program is about. If you don't know what our program is about then backup to the previous section and read there first.  Click here if you need to back up and learn what our program is about.
One of the first steps is for us to help you decide if you want to build your business by sharing information with people you know, people you don't know or even a combination of both.

After we know what you're most comfortable with then we will decide how you would like to find the people to share information with.
1) You can use some of our tools to get people to come to you and ask about your business.
2) You can talk to people to see if they are interested in learning about our product or business.

If you decide that you want to use some of our tools then we will teach you how to use them.

If you would like to talk to people first then we even provide scripts that tell you exactly what to say.

After you have decided how you want to catch people's interest then that is when the work starts.
Below are the activities that you will be involved in:
1) Finding people to share information with
2) Sharing information
3) Following up, answering questions and collecting decisions
4) Helping  people that say "Yes! I would like to get involved"
5) Supporting the people that join your team
6) Ignoring people that waste your time.

You can do everything from the comfort of your home and we will help you with each step along the way.

1) Finding people to share information with.
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I want to you think about my next question carefully...

How hard was it for me to find you to share this website with you?

Probably not hard at all.   You probably saw my website advertised or received information in the mail.
Maybe I  personally invited you take a look at my website.

The bottom line is that it wasn't hard for me to share this information with you.
You need to find people that you can share information with.  You might be wondering ..."What information?".

We share information on how people can benefit from our product.  We also share information on how we can help people to earn money by finding other people that want to purchase our product or start a business from home.

I'm not talking about being a door-to-door salesperson!

I'm talking about informing people on how we can help them to improve their lives.

You can't build an organization if you don't have people to share information with.

We have several systems and marketing tools to help you find people to share information with.

These tools will allow you to build your business without having to rely on your family and friends.


Co-op Ads in major magazines


Co-op Ads on the internet


Product focused postcards that you can mail to people  that are interested in health products.


Business opportunity postcards that you can mail to people  that have expressed an interest in working from home


Fax Blasts


Flyers with product or business specific information


Direct mail booklets that you can mail to opportunity seekers lists. 
We have had some people to join our group just because they read a booklet.  This doesn't require any interaction because the booklet catches their interest, explains everything and even tells them how to sign up.


We have reverse solicitation booklets that can be sent BACK to people that attempted to share their opportunity with you.





The most important thing to remember is that we will work with you to find the tool(s) that you are most comfortable working with.

We will then train and provide you with full support to learn how to use any of the tools that we provide.

2) Sharing information with the people that want to know more

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A person can find out every detail about our program without you having to spend hours trying to explain everything.

There are several ways that you can share information about our business and products.


1)  We have conference calls and a fax-on-demand system that you can use to get information to people. 
How helpful would it be to you if you could have an expert talk directly to the people you are sharing information with? 
We have an interactive call that is held 2 times a week where your prospects can talk to one of our consultants. 
Mike's consultants will explain our entire program to your prospects, answer their questions and help them get more information if they want.

We can teach you in 5 mintues how to effectively invite people to the interactive conference call.

Click here to see our conference call schedule.

2) We have several toll free hotlines that people can call 24 hours a day to get information. 
Why not let the phone messages do most of the explaining for you? 

1-866-315-4001  (Quick Introduction)
1-512-404-2368  (Several Messages Explaining Our Business)
1-866-315-4002  (Explanation of Product)
1-866-315-4006  (Home business message)
1-512-703-6787  (Recorded Company Call)


3) Mike Akins and his staff will provide you with 6 FREE websites that you can use to get information to your prospects. 
I encourage you to not get LOST in the links below. 
Just click on the links and then close the windows so that I can continue explaining our program to you.
Business Overview 1
Business Overview 2
A Detailed Business Website
A Product Website
A Weight Loss Website
An Animal Health Care Website

If you want a custom website (like this one)  then we have an internet staff that can help you to create one.

4) We have materials that you can mail directly to a person's home if they would like to review information from the comfort of their favorite sitting area.

With our program you don't have to know it all to share information with people.
Our tools, conference calls, websites, and fax-on-demand can literally explain everything for you.

There is no reason why you would have to leave your home to present to someone.

You can work this business completely from your home.
And if you wanted to... you could do it while wearing your underwear (smile).

Enough of that . . . let's move on.


3) Following  up, answering questions and collecting decisions
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Following up with people is a very important step.  If you don't feel comfortable following up then you can have one of our staff members or even me to help you.  In some cases it can seem impossible to get back in contact with certain people.   I have come to a conclusion about people that are hard to follow up with.  Either they are really busy and haven't had the chance to get back to you OR they are simply wasting your time and don't have the back bone to tell you that they aren't interested.

If a person has questions then we will provide you with answers for them.  There are a lot of resources from which you can get answers.  You will have me, my sponsor, Mike Akins, the 32 staff members,  our discussion board and the Professional Networker's FAQ.  Just in case you don't know what a FAQ is it means Frequently Asked Questions.

There is NO reason why we can't help you get an answer to someone's question.

After all of a person's questions have been answered then it is time to get a decision from them.  Their decision usually comes down to 1 of  3 things.  Either they will ask for more information  or they want to get involved or its not something they are interested in.  Occasionally you will find someone that can't make up their mind...just give them space and be patient  or knock them off the fence by asking "What has to happen to make you feel comfortable making a decision?"

If the person is not interested you should thank them for their time and leave the door open for them to contact you later if they should change their mind.  Don't try to hard sell or convince anyone!!!! You will burn yourself out trying to convince others that this is the right thing for them to do!


4) Helping people that say "Yes! I would like to get involved."
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If a person that you've shared information with wants to become a customer then you can have them call our order/signup line to sign up.

If a person wants to work the business then you will introduce them to me and we will plug them into our  Professional Networkers support group.

We will then invite your new distributor to our Monday night "How To Get Started Call".

This call will give your team member everything they need to know about getting started.

That means that you don't have to share this information.

We will then work with your new business partner to help them do the same and so on and so on.



5) Supporting the people that join your team
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There is nothing worse than signing someone up and then leaving them alone to try to wing-it on their own!

It is very important that you support the people that join your group.

You will have a lot of of help, goo gobs of it,  to support your new team members.

That "goo gobs" part sounds like HYPE doesn't it?   Well its not... let me explain.

You have to remember the concept behind Network Marketing .

You will be successful if you help the people in your group to be successful.

Think about this for a second...... if you decide that our program is something you want to try then you will be in my group.  I am in Art Lacoste's group.  Art is in Mike Akin's group.   We are all in Mike Akin's group!  I will support and help anyone you bring on our team.   My sponsor,  Art Lacoste,  will also be there to support your new business partners.

That sounds really good doesn't it?

Well the support doesn't end there..  Mike Akins pays a  32 member staff  on salary to be there to support you and your team 6 days a week.  Mike offers a lot of  support systems and services.   Mike's staff will help you with all of your needs.  Click here to see what the staff will do for you.  Our goal is to eventually help your business partners to get to the point where they feel comfortable working the business.   Helping others to become self sufficient will allow us to use our time to find other  new people to continue adding to your team.

6) Ignoring people that waste your time and moving on with your business
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The people that are most annoying are the ones that won't return your calls or e-mails after you've shared information with them.  It is as if they are scared something bad is going to happen if they tell you that your program is not a match for them.   However, you will encounter your fair share of people that will waste your time because they don't have the back bone to give you a decision. To be frank with you.. that is just part of the business. I suggest that you just ignore them and focus your efforts on sharing information with more people. Just think about how often people walk into a store with no real intention on purchasing something but they still ask questions from the person working the floor. I've done it.. you've probably done it.. your granny probably did it.. so don't allow yourself to get hung up on this.

So here are the work steps again
1) Finding people to share information with
2) Sharing information
3) Following up, answering questions and collecting decisions
4) Helping  people that say "Yes! I would like to get involved"
5) Supporting the people that join your team
6) Ignoring people that waste your time.

We will help you with each of  these steps over and over again until you're earning the amount of money you want.

You don't have to know it all to get started.

The main thing I want you to remember about this is that you won't have to do this alone.

We will help you.

We will teach you and train you along the way.

We will find the most comfortable way for you to work your business.

The information above was provided so that you will understand that we have SEVERAL ways to help you actually work your business.

I hope that by now you have a good understanding of the activities you will be involved in to start your home business.

In the next section I will explain how you earn money from helping people that say "Yes, I would like to get involved".


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