Why Professional Networkers?


Without a doubt, you will maximize your success working with Mike Akins
and his staff of consultants!

Professional Networkers is a phenomenon in network marketing that has never been paralleled anywhere in the world. While many other leaders in the industry have experienced a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, Mike has experienced consistent success for three decades. The key to his success is his marketing philosophy and strategy in building solid organizations. During Mike's three-decade plus career he has developed five organizations that still exist today. The 4Life opportunity is Mike's last quest in this industry.

Mike is developing more than an organization and more than a residual income he is creating a business model for this industry that will serve as a blueprint for successful organizations in the future. Mike has learned through a three-decade plus career in network marketing, conventional business and from humanitarian endeavors that he must develop a culture or marketing family. He blends his wisdom, marketing philosophy with the wisdom and experience of his leaders to create a culture within his organization that cements its success.

Mike's heart-felt desire to maximize the potential for success for all of his members is expressed in his vast support structure and support strategy. Understanding the key role that support plays in the success of grassroots marketers, since 1975 Mike has invested more than 60% of his income into supporting his downline partners. Mike has distributors that have been with him for two and three decades. He has the greatest overall retention rate in the industry. Mike has helped thousands of distributors achieve success throughout his career of more than three decades!

Building Internationally
If you are or desire to build Internationally, you have come to the right support group. Our marketing tools and systems may vary from country to country depending on what building stage we are at in that particular country. With Mike Akins and Professional Networkers you have a greater degree of security and a competitive edge. Many experts agree that Mike probably knows more about success in Network Marketing than anyone else in the industry. With 40+ years of successful network marketing experience, a great deal of success in conventional businesses and the advantage of information from independent studies of the network marketing industry, Mike can effectively support your International building efforts. Professional Networkers have thousands of distributors in dozens of countries.

As we develop a support structure in these International markets, you will have the time tested wisdom, the marketing philosophy, and the long-range strategy to build a secure and lasting success that will produce a residual income for the rest of your life.

Check out these advantages!

  • Utilize the wisdom derived from a three-decade career.

  • Experience the support of  highly experienced staff members totally dedicated to training and supporting the members in Mike's organization. People just like you!

  • Benefit from the superior marketing philosophy and strategies used by Mike to build solid organizations that last for decades. This means long-lasting residual income for you!

  • Learn from the extensive marketing and research that Mike's staff has conducted.

  • Plug into the systems and use the marketing tools that have been carefully test-marketed and are already helping tens of thousands of distributors on their way to success.

No one in the world does all that we do!

Ask yourself what the following statements can mean to your success!

Money Maker's Monthly, July 2001:
"Industry Veterans name Mike Akins the Greatest Networker in the World."

Money N' Profits, May 1998:
"Mike Akins - A True Professional Networker with a Heart for Others."

Cutting Edge Magazine, Oct 1999:
"Professional Networkers is the 'Charles Schwab' of the industry."

Money Maker's Monthly, June 1999:
"Professional Networkers, The Premier Support Group."

Mike's reply to the question, "What constitutes the greatest networker in the world?" gives insight into why he is able to help so many people achieve success. "The greatest network marketer in the world may not be the highest-paid marketer. He will select a program that benefits the majority of participants and will sacrifice a degree of personal gain for a more balanced reward for a greater number of people. The leader will forgo quick personal success for long-term and solid success for his distributors. A true leader will take the time to learn the dynamics of a program at the grassroots level, from the part-timer's perspective. That is where the majority of network marketers begin their journey. The greatest network marketer in the world will reinvest a sizable percentage of his income into supporting and training his downline partners. He is one that realizes that true success is a team achievement and not personal magic." - Mike Akins.

Let me share a little information about Mike and Professional Networkers so you will understand why this could be your best chance to achieve your full potential in this industry.

"A greater number of people achieve success when this success is built on an accurate marketing philosophy, effective strategies, adequate training and support and when leaders invest themselves into the lives of the team members that are, in part, responsible for their success." - Mike Akins

Mike was reared in poverty and touched by a number of tragedies. He began his career in 1967 at the age of nineteen. During the first eight years of his network marketing career, he worked night and day, following all of the traditional training in the industry. Although Mike achieved great success, he was not satisfied with the percentage of grassroots distributors that were able to follow him in this quest. Mike took some time to analyze the industry.

What he found was a paradox. Network marketing provides an unlimited opportunity for anyone from any walk of life to break from superficial boundaries, and find their personal quest in life. On the other hand, he found that only a very small percentage of people actually get there. Mike became tired of watching marketers work their hearts out only to find themselves "spinning their wheels."

There are reasons for this paradox. In the network marketing industry you are expected to be a proprietor, salesperson (not traditional sales but you are still sharing something with someone), an expert in relationships, an effective leader, an effective follower, a troubleshooter, and an effective communicator. You are expected to be all of this while, at the same time, you take care of your family and hold down a full-time job. To make things worse, there was very little training available to help the grassroots distributor master these areas.

What other industry expects you to be all of these things without providing a statistical base, effective training, and practical support? Every other industry trains you in the skills that you need to be successful. In this industry the majority of training is motivational in nature. You are led to believe that if you want it bad enough, work hard enough, and stay motivated enough, you will make it. That is simply not true in the majority of cases.

Mike drew from his conventional life experiences as a successful businessman, employer, mid-level manager, counselor, minister, humanitarian, teacher, martial arts practitioner, athlete, and a man that had "lived" 50 years over a 10-year period. Mike set himself on a quest to bring to this industry the degree of information and support that one could expect from other billion-dollar industries.

From Mike's search for answers came what is now a legacy in this industry. Mike is often shunned by the hierarchy but is considered a hero by the great number of grassroots distributors that have followed his marketing philosophy and strategies to success. Mike made a commitment in 1975 that he would invest 60% of his income back into supporting the grassroots distributors. In 1975 he formed Professional Networkers, a full-time staff of experienced consultants to train and service his downline partners. Over the years this staff has grown to 30-plus full-time networkers. Can you image the impact of having 30-plus experienced leaders focused on assisting each and every member of your organization?

Many of Mike's peers in this industry ask him why he has invested millions of dollars back into his distributor base. They say this is not necessary. When Mike observes how many grassroots distributors and upcoming leaders drop out of their programs due to a lack of training and support, he is convinced that he has been and is on the right track.


Let's look at what Mike and his staff can do for your future.

Provide Security!

When you align yourself with Mike, you can be sure you have selected the very best plan in the industry. Let me explain. Mike achieved such success that when he was 41 years old he retired to pursue humanitarian causes. His staff serviced his downlines while he was in retirement. At the age of 48, Mike desired to do more in the humanitarian arena. In order to accomplish this, he came out of retirement to increase his annual income to $10 million. He wanted to make sure that this residual income would be there for his cause in three decades as his [then] present residual income had been there for him for the past three decades.

It was vital for him to make the right selection. Mike financed the most extensive study ever conducted on the network marketing industry. An independent research and marketing firm studied 40 years of network marketing history. They examined more than 300 programs. Genealogies containing information on two million marketers were carefully studied. Statistics on sponsoring trends, purchasing habits, attrition rates, marketing philosophies, systems, tools, growth waves and strategies were gathered. This research project required three and one half years to complete. Based on this study, Mike and his team selected six programs to test-market. Twenty-five thousand networkers were enrolled into these programs. 4Life was selected as the #1 program in the world and the vehicle to complete his quest. You can read more on this study on our Newsletters, Etc. Page, "Cold Facts Exposed" and "The Science Behind the Pay Plan."

What does this mean to you?

For once you can join a program that was selected scientifically. You can build with confidence that this program is one of the very best programs in the world and will be around for your retirement.

Here is what happens when you join Professional Networkers:

You receive a professionally designed "How to Get Started Packet" from Professional Networkers.

A special and personal "rapid response" team is appointed to assist you. These professional consultants each have years of experience. You have their desk phone numbers, pager numbers, and e-mail addresses so that you can contact them for assistance. You can interact with them regularly.

Professional Networkers assists your sponsor in provide strategy sessions with you and to assist you in developing a plan of action.

We provide a fulfillment service for you. You can have us mail professionally designed informational packets to your prospects anywhere in the world. We have specifically designed packets for chiropractors, medical doctors, veterinarians, networkers and customers. We will have your cover letter on file to include in your packet.

At your request we will send each of your new distributors a "How to Get Started Packet."

Professional Networkers provides you with very simple systems so that you do not have to know everything about this opportunity in order to present it. After you enroll, you can either 3-way or direct your prospect to a three-minute message. Let Mike do the sharing for you. After the three-minute message you have the choice of sending the prospect to a gateway website or to our interactive conference call for more information.

You receive a self-replicating website exactly like our main site. On this site you have a full presentation of this opportunity. There are hundreds of testimonies. There is training available on the membership link.

We provide the assistance of a full-time staff of Internet technicians. Our Internet department is there to help you capitalize on the Internet revolution.

We have a graphics department that can design personalized ads, flyers, postcards, brochures, card deck ads, etc., for you.

You can participate in our nationwide advertising co-ops.

You can use our test-marketed postcard systems. We continuously test-market our marketing tools to keep you on the cutting edge of growth.

We have a self-mailing booklet that encourages the prospect to enroll directly from the booklet. Often you do not even have to speak to the networker before they enroll. Presently, we are averaging from .5 to 2.0 direct enrollments from this mailer. That is unheard of in this industry.

You have a full-time research department providing information on your competition, new studies and a variety of data that will assist you in being on top of the market.

Staff members conduct surveys within your downline. We keep an eye on growth trends and potential trouble spots within our organization. This is valuable in maintaining a high retention rate.

Our staff members are consistently calling members throughout your downline, training, encouraging, and keeping in touch with the heartbeat of your success.

Our full-time staff is available to answer questions, solve problems, and to interact with your members.

We have training conference calls available to train you and your downline partners.

Presently, we provide interactive prospect calls three nights per week. With this program, your downline partners can come on the call and our experienced staff member will share this program with their prospects. This is interactive, so we can answer their questions and enroll them for you.

Our staff members can perform 3-ways with you and your prospects. We will even take you on our calls for training.

We have a number of very practical training tapes that will teach you every detail of this business like you have never heard before.

The list goes on and on. No one has ever claimed to offer such services in the network market industry. This is the best of the best!


When Mike joined 4Life he decided he would not begin by enrolling heavy hitters. He wanted to understand the dynamics of this particular program from a grassroots perspective. He decided that he would first build his business with grassroots distributors just like the average person coming into the program. He pledged to himself that he would not personally enroll heavy hitters until he achieved Double International status with more than 50,000 LP within his first three levels and more than one million dollars throughout his organization. Mike achieved this within 18 months after joining 4Life. Mike has gone on to become a Gold International Diamond. Only a handful of leaders have achieved this recognition level. This, of course, conveys teamwork and growth throughout his organization at the grassroots level as well as at the top pin levels. You can be a part of this phenomenon.

At last count, Mike's organization is well above 100,000. He projects building a solid organization of more than one million members worldwide. His focus is not size but quality and that all tier levels of distributors are rewarded appropriately. He invites you to join him.

A Personal Invitation from Mike

It is my heart's desire to create a true opportunity for the greatest possible number of team members. I consider my downline partners as part of my marketing family. I have experienced how network marketing has provided me with the finances and time to spend my life working with my wife, spending more time with my children, and focusing on the more important things of life. It is my deepest desire to provide thousands of other people with the opportunity to do the same. Network marketing is only a vehicle for me to achieve my goal of earning $10 million per year so that I can broaden my humanitarian involvement. I have chosen an avenue that allows me to develop my success on the successes of a greater number of friends and team players. In order for me to earn $10 million per year, I will have to assist a few friends in earning millions, many more earning thousands, and even more earning hundreds, while providing products that will enhance the lives of tens of thousands of others. I invite you to join me in this quest. - Mike Akins

This information is provided for the members of our organization within the United States

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