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In 1976, Mike Akins introduced a philosophy of support to the network marketing industry that was unheard of before that time. Not one single individual (that we know of) has ever matched what Mike set into motion in that year. After eight years of following traditional methods of network marketing, Mike had learned that network marketing was an industry that was in its infancy. In theory, MLM was an industry in which average people from all walks of life had an opportunity to change their lifestyles. The key was they could do so without a great deal of working capital, without a high degree of skill, and start out on a part-time basis.

In reality the industry had not matured enough to offer this opportunity to the maximum number of its participants.


By this time in Mike Akin's life, he had worked his way up from poverty to a management position in a corporation. Also he was a partner in an automotive business. Mike had been involved in market research projects and had acquired an understanding of the convention marketing industry. Mike realized that the key to making this wonderful opportunity more available to a greater number of people would require the merging of methodologies practiced in the network marketing industry with methodologies practiced in the conventional industry. From that moment on, Mike set on a course to understand the dynamics of both industries and to blend the better of two worlds into one.

The following strategies, systems and marketing tools are the result of a three-decade quest for excellence. Since 1976, Mike Akins has committed 60% of his network marketing income to supporting what he refers to his marketing family or downline partners. To learn more about Mike's marketing philosophy you can find more information on these links: The Science Behind the Pay Plan, Cold Facts Exposed, and the True Philosophy Of Network Marketing. Since Mike began printing his philosophies, strategies, and perspectives, a number of leaders in the industry have copied his works. Although a few have copied his paradigm in words, none have backed up their words with their pocket books to the degree Mike has.

In a number of leaders in this industry of 11 million participants, have achieved great wealth. A few have accomplished this by help others become successful. Far too many have become successful at the expense of a great number of other people. In 1994, Mike Akins returned from retirement to the network marketing industry (his staff serviced his organizations while he was retired for seven years) to begin a revolution in this industry. His articles have begun an awakening that has set a fire in this industry. MLM will never be the same. The follow systems, support services and marketing tools reflect Mike's philosophies and strategies that are primarily focused on the grassroots distributors and balanced between the various tiers of distributors and customers that make up this industry.

Watch your downline explode with this kind of assistance!

Full-time Staff

Presently, we provide you with a staff of associates, the largest support group in the network marketing industry. Developing and maintaining a large organization is complex and difficult. Imagine the impact on the success of your organization that a staff of professional consultants will have. This staff will be busy training, servicing, and supporting every member of your success team. The purpose of this support team is to make available to your team members a "hub" of support available six days per week. Anyone in your organization can plug into that "hub" of support six days per week. In network marketing so many people get stranded, without the assistance of their personal sponsor. These gaps occur throughout your organization. We close these gaps. Can you imagine the improvement in retention and growth that you will experience with a proactive support team interacting throughout your downline? The difference is amazing!

The majority of Mike Akin's staff has been with him for more than ten years. Several of his staff members have been with him for more than 20 years. A number of his staff are actually second generation staff members. His staff operates out of three offices and some out of home offices. Presently, these staff members do not build personal businesses. They total focus is on Mike's overall organization. Eventually, a few of the senior staff members will be allowed to build their own organizations.

What Does This Staff Do For You?


3-Ways Calls
Each staff is trained in a specialized area. Some of the staff is busy training your distributors on 3-ways calls. They will do 3-ways calls with your team members and their prospects or train them on our calls with our prospects. Presently, with 15 phone consultants on the phone eight hours per day and six days per week can you imagine the growth you can experience? It is important to understand these consultants are training your distributors. Your distributors, in turn, pass this training on down the legs of duplication.


Personal Strategy Calls
Wouldn't it be nice if every sponsor conducted personal strategy calls with each and every one of their downline partners? Our staff will train you and your downline partners to conduct personal strategy calls to get new distributors off to a powerful start. Strategy calls are vital in order to launch your new distributors into action! We also provide strategy sessions on cassette tapes and conference calls. Training is one of the keys to your success. There is a great lack of training in this industry. You have the greatest networkers in the world assisting you in training your downline in how to get started on their way to success!


Fulfillment Center
One of the greatest problems that new distributors have is knowing what to send to prospects and to their downline members. Well worry no more! With three-decades of experience, we know what your prospects need in order to make the best decision for themselves. Our staff designs and mails prospect packets for you and your team players. We have a number of professionally designed information packets ready to be personalized and mailed to your future distributors. We have packets tailored for chiropractors, medical doctors, veterinarians, health professionals, networkers, heavy hitters, customers and for whomever you need something personalized for.


Downline Surveys
Our staff regularly performs surveys throughout of organization. These surveys keep us in touch with the needs of your downline members. We can discern potential trouble spots before they result in attrition. We can alert you to specific needs in your group. This is unique in the industry and has added to our retention rate.


Downline Interaction
Our staff members pro-actively contact your downline members to encourage, inform and train them. In these conversations we find out what needs they have and direct them to the right source for help. We share testimonies and build a relationship with many of our downline members. Each of our staff members call at least one downline partner per day. Think about the numbers involved. Thirty calls per day for more than 300 days per year. That is more than 9,000 downline members contacted on a personal basis per year. This does not include the various campaigns where several of our staff members contact hundreds of distributors in a few day period.


Downline Problem Solving
In every human activity there are problems that develop. These problems can frustrate members of your downline. These frustrations can lead to attrition. We teach our downline partners to go through Professional Networkers to resolve any problems that may occur. We have the experience and connections at 4Life to resolve problems quickly. Because of the size of our staff and organization, 4Life provides a special liaison to specifically take care of us. Because of our success in this opportunity we have access to all levels of management at 4Life, including David Lisonbee himself.


Interactive Opportunity Conference Calls
Six evenings per week, we have interactive conference calls available to your prospects. You can bring these prospects on to the calls and our staff members will personally interact with the prospect as if we were doing a one-on-one presentation. You can come on the call anytime to learn.
Training Conference Calls
We provide training conference calls that cover a number of topics. We teach you communication skills. We train you on the products and opportunity. Mike trains you and your downline partners on how to develop a solid business. Mike shares the wisdom that he has learned over a three-decade career. He will teach you the dynamics of this industry like no other leader can.


How to Get Started Conference Calls
Professional Networkers provides your new distributors with a How to Get Started Conference call every Monday evening. Anyone in your organization can invite a guest on the call to learn from the best leaders in the industry.


Co-ordination Services
Our staff will co-ordinate various professional services that you may be in need of. We can get you in touch with medical professionals for 3-ways, talk shows or consultations. We can set you up with voice boxes, FODs, Internet services, fax blasting, help you secure leads, etc.


Internet Department
We provide your members a full-service Internet department. Our staff members will assist you in developing an Internet business. You can take advantage of the exploding Internet market. We provide you with a FREE self-replicating website. This website is equipped with autoresponders, presentations, and training materials. We can help you develop doorways and teach you to get high ratings. We can connect you with your personal web-management site. You will be able to keep track of new people entering your downline, moving up in rank, track your orders and much, much more.


Our GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT can design and furnish you just about any brochure, flyer, ad, chart etc. that you could ever need. Let your downline run with their ideas and talents. We are here for them!
Research Department
Professional Networkers has a full-time research department. Our research department is constantly working behind the scenes, analyzing marketing trends, competitive programs, and marketing techniques in order to provide you with cutting edge information and support. We can provide you with information on other network marketing programs in the industry. We test-market leads lists on a monthly basis to keep you informed on what the most responsive leads are. Our research department will assist you in developing marketing strategy and will survey your marketing efforts so that you can critique your skills and techniques. We will keep you informed of "fads" and "trends" that sweep the market and have a tendency to distract your downline members.

Our research department, in conjunction with an independent research and marketing firm, conducted a 3-year study of the network marketing industry. They studied more than 300 programs as well as marketing trends, marketing techniques, and other factors that have been instrumental in the success and failure of companies and networkers during the past 40 years. We have available a synopsis of this 3-year study in the "Cold Facts Exposed" booklet. Information from our research will be made available on a periodic basis through our newsletters.

Professional Networkers Provides You
With a Number of Systems & Marketing Tools.


Postcard system
Professional Networkers provides a large brightly-colored postcard that distributors may use to locate prospects nationwide. 5% - 6% responses are already happening for some, and we're just getting started. This test-marketed postcard targets people interested in working for themselves and shares Mike Akins' strong credentials of helping people achieve financial success as well as the many benefits available to anyone who joins Mike's team. Professional Networkers takes the call and then, on your behalf, mails your prospect a professionally designed and customized packet to your new prospect and also informs you of your new prospect. The Opportunity Postcard is a powerful yet easy-to-use business-building tool.
Self-mailing Booklet
We provide your organization with a self-mailing booklet that is designed to encourage the prospect to enroll before he ever contacts you. The 20-page booklet shares testimonies, product information, doctors statements and an overview of our support. We are averaging from percent to 2 percent enrollment of prospects before they are contacted. The booklet cost 25 cents and mails with a first class stamp.


Inner Group Communication System
You can send a message to your entire downline with a single command. Your organization will receive messages from your upline. You can coordinate co-ops, conference calls, and other campaigns through this communications center.
Direct Mail Systems
We provide several test-marketed direct sales aids and systems, such as postcards, self-mailers (booklets), letters, and flyers. Our sales aids are continually re-tested, surveyed, and updated in order to keep pace with the competition and marketing trends. We offer more than one type of direct mail aid because the prospect market is diversified and each segment relates to different solicitations. With any given leads list you will have three different types of prospects: the inexperienced networker, the moderately experienced networker, and the highly experienced networker. Within these categories you will have the networker who is discouraged or burned out and the networker who is still motivated. Of these networkers you will have those who are working a program that is not working for them, those who are satisfied with their present program, and those who are between programs. Each of these prospects will respond differently to your solicitation. For example, the experienced networker will more readily respond to our "Cold Facts Exposed" booklet, while the inexperienced and moderately experienced networker will respond more readily to our postcard. You will receive a lower percentage of experienced networkers responding to your solicitation, but each one will be more productive. My suggestion is to use both avenues of solicitation so that you can tap into both markets.


Reverse Solicitation Self-mailing Booklet
Our "Cold Facts Exposed" booklet is a synopsis of the 3-year study of the network marketing industry. It is generic and does not mention our company as a company that we are promoting. We have consistently experienced a 4-5% response rate with this booklet. It explains the pitfalls, hype, and obstacles that can rob the networker of success. It also shares information, based on the study of the 40-year history of network marketing and 300 programs, that can be very useful for the experienced networker. The booklet measures 8 by 5 and can be mailed with a first class stamp. We have sponsored a number of experienced networkers with this booklet. The actual booklets can be ordered through our office for 25 each.

National Co-op Advertising

We offer shares in a national advertising pool at $500 per share. Our staff is willing to assist in the follow-up of responses to advertising campaigns (generic ads excluded). Also, our office will coordinate co-op advertising campaigns in your downline. We place advertisements in many different trade magazines. The prospects are placed in a co-op pool and divided into shares. The prospects are distributed equally; according to how many shares you have purchased. On our general co-ops, we use our general toll-free numbers; our transcribers pull the leads off and distribute them. For smaller co-ops, we use a round-robin system, where each member has his/her own voice mail box and a computer distributes the prospects to the shareholders.


Free Websites
We will design and place your six FREE web page/sites on the Internet. Your web pages will be linked to our master site that contains information on Professional Networkers as well as other useful information such as abstracts, newsletters, forms, etc. Our website is linked to the company site. Our websites are self-replicating for new members who are online. For individuals who are not online, we will set up your site for you when we receive your request. You can have your picture or other personal information on the site. Each page will have your personal ID#. Even if you do not have a computer, you will have a web page on the Internet. This can build credibility and can be used for advertising. It is a quick method of getting information to the prospect. Your website will have a complete automated presentation that will share the opportunity with your prospects. It is equipped with an autoresponder that e-mails seven messages to your prospect.
Repetitive Follow-up Systems
We have found that following up repetitively can enhance your sponsoring ratio. Once you have made a qualified contact, mail a follow-up piece of literature every three weeks. We provide postcards, letters and flyers for this purpose. You can have your picture scanned onto the postcard for a point of recognition.


Free Use of Our FOD
We provide you the use of our 21 option Fax-On-Demand. This FOD is packed with information that will help you sell your prospects and train the members of your organization.


Periodic Newsletters
We provide a periodic newsletter, packed with information that will help you build your business and maintain a healthy body and mind. This newsletter will help keep your organization connected. Hearing from your upline regularly is important. The newsletters will provide you with information on competitive products and programs. We will make our newsletters available on our FOD and website. We will also mail newsletters to members on our first four levels.
How To Get Started Packets
At your request, we will mail a How To Get Started Packets to your new members packed with information on how to develop a successful organization.

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