Reward Yourself

Take advantage of life’s sweet returns. Leverage your income. Work part-time or full-time and achieve your goals by leveraging your time and effort with the strength of your entire sales organization. Create a financial return of five, ten or even 100 times that of a traditional job.

The strengths of our compensation plan provide an ultimate opportunity for business builders to gain financial security and time freedom at any level they desire. To understand how your financial goals can be achieved with the 4Life Compensation Plan, read more on each portion of the plan below.

Enhancements beginning March 1, 2003:

Reward Yourself | Bonus Pools | Compensation Plan Chart
Rewards at all Levels | Compensation Plan Comparison


  • Highest payout in the industry as high as 64%


  • Bonus Pools available for Distributors at every level


  • Consistent payouts you can receive up to four checks per month


  • Rapid Reward and Power Pool Bonuses provide new business builders with immediate earning potential


  • Infinity payouts for each rank beginning with the Diamond level


  • Deep payouts generally extending well beyond ten levels for qualified distributors


  • Exciting trips each month paid for by 4Life



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